Jul 052017


Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Presentation and Updates

City of Ottawa

Date:   Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Presented by: Stephen Willis,

General Manager,

Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development

Please find the following 3 attachments for FCA members and Community Associations. These presentations were made at our meeting in Kanata and hosted by the Katimavik/Hazeldean Community Association.  It is important to note that there are many changes following City of Ottawa reorganization.

  1. Powerpoint Presentation – May 17th  – “Who We Are”: http://fca-fac.ca/fca-pied-may-17-final/
  2. Copy of PIED Contact List – May 17th-  City of Ottawa Staff in Planning: http://fca-fac.ca/copy-of-pied-contact-list-edlt-may-2017/
  3. FCA Questions – Responses from PIED: http://fca-fac.ca/fca-meeting-may-17-responses-to-questions/

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