Aug 292018

Its opponents say that spot zoning should not be permitted. that developers factor it in when negotiating land prices. Others say it allows the city an opportunity to negotiate community benefits — more height for more dollars.
How will the new rules and processes in planning and appeals affect the occurrence of Spot Zoning?
Can we carry on a discussion, point to some pertinent documents in an attempt to shed some light on this topic?

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  1. Thank you Bob I think we need to look at this closed maybe we should bring this to our planning forum in January.

  2. Spot rezoning is a money-maker for City Hall. By keeping the zoning out-of-date, the City stimulates property owners and developers to make application for change in zoning for a single lot. The applicant pays a fee to the City and such fees (not just for rezoning but also for Official Plan Amendments and other applications) reduces the cost of the Planning Dept. payable from taxes to almost zero.
    And the proof of the money-making scheme is that spot rezoning applications do not stimulate the Planning Dept. to ask if the area in question is properly zoned. Why not? If an area zoning study were undertaken, this would need to be paid out of tax dollars rather than fees from individual applicants.
    To perpetuate the system, just do nothing — let the zoning remain undisturbed for decades until it is hopelessly out-of-date and then collect on the spot rezoning applications.

  3. This would be a good test for the Issue Forum.
    Spot zoning is the application of zoning to a specific parcel or parcels of land within a larger zoned area when the rezoning is usually at odds with a city’s master plan and current zoning restrictions. Wikipedia
    here is another site that discusses the subject
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