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Membership and External Relations Committee

The Membership and External Relations Committee works to advance membership goals, issues and successes and help attract and link members and partners and extend and enrich the FCA network,

  • maintain and develop members,
  • restore lapsed members, and
  • attract potential, new members
  • draw groups and elements of Ottawa City Hall and elsewhere for support of Members
  • help shape priority projects of common interest, serving Members City-wide

Specific actions

  1. Solicit member views on direction for the Federation.
  2. Give advice on the attractiveness, inclusiveness, relevance of FCA programme.
  3. Evaluate member issues and complaints for Executive or for FCA general meeting.
  4. Help put FCA executive in touch with all current, lapsed, and potential members; and help evaluate their individual and collective strengths and interests,in the context/character of the neighbourhoods they represent;
  5. Seek Member input on adjusting Member benefits to provide compelling value.
  6. Make recommendations on FCA Membership scope and structure, e.g. Membership classes, fees, etc which may range from no change to adding Membership classes of individuals, students, corporations, (planners, etc.) councils or e.g. to distinguish Members with Community Centres, etc.
  7. Seek out FCA Buddies capable of helping other Members.
  8. Maintain a roster of Members and conduct an annual Membership
  9. Solicit volunteers and Organize and maintain an active volunteer panel helping
  10. Support the Director, Education Services and others, in seeking out and informing
  11. Network with Community and Citizen Associations in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and FCA member associations, on issues of local and common concern FCA member associations on published sources of help at selected sites elsewhere, possibly including e.g. twinned federations in distant cities, on relevant successes and trends.

Full terms can be found at Membership Committee.