Our Board


The board was elected at the Annual General Meeting of June 19, 2019.

Title Incumbent Contact e-mail
President Sheila Perry perry@fca-fac.ca
Vice President Alex Cullen cullen@fca-fac.ca
Treasurer Lorne Cutler cutler@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Bob Brocklebank brocklebank@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Don Stewart stewart@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Kul Kapoor kapoor@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Maria Luisa Marti mlmarti@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Miranda Gray mgray@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Phil Sweetnam sweetnam@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Robert Brinker brinker@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Roland Dorsay dorsay@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Stefan Baginski baginski@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Travis Croken croken@fca-fac.ca

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