FCA Executive


The executive was elected at the Annual General Meeting of June 7, 2016 and modified on an interim basis for the period leading to the AGM of June 15, 2017.

Title Incumbent Contact e-mail
President Sheila Perry president@fca-fac.ca
Vice President Don Stewart stew@fca-fac.ca
Secretary Kul Kapoor sec@fca-fac.ca
Treasurer Lorne Cutler treas@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Agnes Warda ward@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Alex Cullen cull@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Bob Brocklebank broc@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Bruce Lindsay lind@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Chad Rollins roll@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Klaus Beltzner belt@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Maria Luisa Marti mart@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Phil Sweetnam swee@fca-fac.ca
Director-at-large Philip Bartlett bart@fca-fac.ca
Past President Graeme Roderick ppres@fca-fac.ca


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