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What to tell your Councillor about City Budgeting for Community Centres, Parks and Recreation – and when

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May 312016

At the FCA-FAC monthly meeting on May 18, community association leaders, councillors and city officials discussed the state of the parks, recreation facilities and community-building structures such as community centres.
The following is the plan for action/guidance that came from that meeting.

May 102016 has details of all applications for development in the city and indication of where they are at in the development stage. It describes itself as a platform for people to stay informed, discuss and submit ideas about urban planning and development projects in the city. So have a look at it. It is not yet complete and they are looking for comments from the public. You can search by ward but it could be helpful of they could break it down by community association as well.

The developers can be contacted by following links on their site.

May 062016

FCA President Gary Sealey and I along with other members of the executive have been looking at other large urban centres to see what the counterparts to the FCA-FAC do and how they do it. I tended to look at the Calgary example, Federation of Calgary Communities, while President Sealey is drawn to the Edmonton example, the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.
It is difficult to compare either of these organizations to ours. They both have staff and budgets that seem light-years away from our situation. More important than the support they receive is the support their community association members receive, both moral and financial, in the two cities.
I encourage our members and other who might be interested to go and check out the websites and facebook pages of these organizations.
Nonetheless, while the circumstances may be different, many of the problems that these communities face are very similar to ours.
I commend to you this posting on the EFCL blog on the trials and tribulations of community associations, Edmonton style. EFCL blog
John Chenier

Call for Support for low-income Transit Pass

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May 052016

I wanted to thank you for your organization’s support of efforts to have the City of Ottawa enact a Low-Income Transit Pass. With a report from city staff due at City Hall in the next 10 days, we now need your help to push this important initiative over the finish line.

I’m hoping your organization can please do four things:

1) mobilize people to attend the May 9th Transit Commission meeting. That is where the staff report related to the October 2015 Inquiry (to read the inquiry see pages 4, 5 of the pdf here from Transit Commissioners Malo and Crew will be discussed (background info on that available here: That staff report responding to the Inquiry should be on the City’s website by May 2nd, hopefully, as part of the Agenda for the Transit Commission’s May 9th meeting. You can look for that Agenda and the report here on May 2nd:
People attending the May 9th meeting with have the opportunity to respond to the staff report, to speak in favour of Ottawa enacting a Low-Income Transit Pass.

2) Between now and May 9th, contact your City Councillor and the Mayor and let them know you want Ottawa to enact a Low-Income Transit Pass. Let them know that you have signed this related petition, along with 1,800 individuals, and 41 organizations:
(the petition has 795 electronic signatures, and 1,006 people have signed the paper version of the petition, for a total of 1,800 signatures)

3) Help us collect more signatures from individuals on the petition for a Low-Income Transit Pass. Please e-mail all your friends, family, co-workers, members, and supporters the link to the petition and encourage them to sign it:
Post the link to the petition on your Social Media accounts, please do whatever you can to help us get to 2,000 signatures fast. It is crunch time, so please act fast. Thank you!

4) mobilize people to attend the June 15th Transit Commission meeting. This is likely when the decision will be made about whether or not Ottawa will enact a Low-Income Transit Pass. At this meeting, city staff will likely report back on their overall fare structure review (background info on that available here:

Thanks for your consideration, and all the good work you do.


Trevor Haché | worker, Healthy Transportation Coalition |
Cell: 613-789-0604

PLEASE NOTE: I work 3 days a week (though spread out over 4 days) for the Coalition; full days on Wednesdays, Fridays, and half days in the afternoon on Mondays, Thursdays.

Apr 282016

At its retreat last summer, the board of the FCA-FAC set out some top-level goals to pursue over the year. These were:

1. Get known as an important and useful federation by media, politicians and the public.
2. Present credible and compelling voices of regional groupings of community and citizen associations through a wide range of public participation activities.
3. Recommend new major projects or changes to City-wide strategy, policy, plans, standards and Budget and local community urban, suburban and village/rural and private sector development.
4. Partner in operational delivery of selected civic programmes toward affordability, quality, appropriateness, fairness, durability
5. Connect City Hall to communities and vice versa
6. Help build capacity within community groups and energy among them, through active exposure to each other and to other leaders.
We need to hear from the FCA-FAC members how we did in the pursuit of these goals.
If you haven’t done so already, FCA members, please take our survey


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Apr 042016

Janette Sadik-Khan, co-author of Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution and former Transportation Commissioner for New York City, will be in Ottawa on Wednesday April 27 to talk about how she re-imagined public spaces and helped transform the streets New York – one of the world’s greatest, toughest cities – into dynamic spaces for pedestrians and cyclists.

Sadik-Khan, during her tenure as Transportation Commissioner, implemented an ambitious program to improve street safety, mobility, and sustainability throughout New York City. To help Ottawa accelerate the urban revolution for people-centred street design, Sadik-Khan will share tips on how to rethink, reinvigorate and redesign our city for safer, more livable streets. Her book Streetfight will be available for purchase and signing, with proceeds going to Ecology Ottawa.

Reception at 6:00 pm, talk starts at 7:00 at the Aberdeen Pavillion, Landsdowne Park. The event is free, but RSVP is required. RSVP to save your seat.

Mar 202016

Following a decision of the member associations, the president of the FCA-FAC has written to the mayor and councillors expressing concern with the results of the OMB appeal of the Official Plan.

The president has sent the following letter on our behalf.