Robert Brocklebank

Nov 072019

FCA-FAC is organizing a weekend workshop the morning of Saturday November 30 at Tom Brown Arena. The Transportation Master Plan is a companion document to the City’s Official Plan, which outlines how people & goods will move in our city – on foot, by bike, by bus/LRT, by vehicle. It plans where pedestrian, cycling, transit & road networks will go (and when, and what priority). Find out about the TMP Review process, emerging trends, vision for the future, how to contribute. A poster inviting participation is found at

Nov 072019

FCA-FAC with Ottawa Neighbourhood Study present “Neighbourhoods Count” a workshop to better understand the physical and social pathways by which communities in Ottawa affect our health and well-being. Learn to react, analyze and argue with data. Discover facts that will support evidence-based decision-making.

The workshop will be held at Overbrook Community Centre, the morning of Saturday November 23. A poster inviting participants is at Registration is by email to

Nov 072019

Ecology Ottawa and Greenspace Alliance are running a workshop on “Climate Solutions and Ottawa’s Official Plan on November 15 and 16. Details and registration information is at

Oct 212019

FCA-FAC is organizing a weekend workshop on Saturday October 26 with the theme “A new Official Plan for Ottawa – Launching Community Discussion”. The workshop is open to all (although it would be helpful if attendees could register in advance).

There are two objectives for the workshop. One is to stimulate discussion among community groups about the new Official Plan project. The other is to encourage community representatives to organize similar discussions in their respective communities.

A poster publicizing the workshop is found at . You are invited to distribute this to others in your community, encouraging wide participation. Participants are encouraged to look at the city’s documents entitled “Five big moves” which will serve as basis for discussion. A draft agenda for the workshop is found at

Following the FCA-FAC event, an optional discussion from 1200 to 1330 about climate action, featuring a light lunch, has been organized by Greenspace Alliance for Canada’ Capital and by Ecology Ottawa. Detail is included in the draft agenda document.

Oct 102019

The next General Meeting of the FCA-FAC will be held Wednesday October 16 at City Hall. A prime feature of the meeting will be an introduction to a toolkit on the new Official Plan which is to support community discussion on the new OP.

A draft agenda for the October 16 is found at Draft minutes for the previous (Sept. 18) General Meeting are at

Sep 132019

A General Meeting of the FCA-FAC will be held Wednesday September 18 from 7pm at the Churchill Seniors Centre, 345 Richmond Road.

A draft agenda for the meeting is found at

Draft minutes for the previous (May 15) General Meeting are at

Jun 052019

The Annual General meeting of the FCA-FAC [Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa] will be held at City Hall in the Col. By Room on Wednesday June 19 from 7 pm.

A draft agenda for the June 19 AGM is found at Minutes for the previous AGM of June 20, 2018 are found at

May 112019

The next FCA-FAC General Meeting will be held Wednesday May 15, 2019 from 7pm at the Hunt Club/Riverside Park Community Centre, 3320 Paul Anka Drive.

Each member association is invited to send two delegates to General Meetings. Observers are always welcome.

A draft agenda for the May 15 meeting is found at . Note that motions to be brought before the meeting are detailed in the background notes attached to the draft agenda. Draft minutes for the previous meeting on April 17 are found at .

Download the Community Development Toolkit here (6.1MB Zip file)

Apr 252019

The awards committee is seeking nominations for the awards presented annually at the June AGM.

Up to four awards may be presented: Lifetime Achievement, FCA Contributor, Builders or Excellence in Media.

You can find a more detailed description of the awards on the awards page under “About Us” on this website or simply follow this link.

Nominations are due by May 17 and should be sent to our past president, Graeme Roderick at

Submissions should include all the necessary information in support of the nomination or our past president, Graeme Roderick at