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How would you define your FCA-FAC?

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Sep 152016

Over the summer the board of directors, ably assisted by facilitator Phil Nicholson, met to reflect on options for the FCA-FAC for the coming year and onward. A document for discussion was circulated at the General Meeting of Sept. 15. The discussion paper, with minor amendments reflecting comments at the Sept. 15. meeting, is found at https://secureservercdn.net/  Readers […]

Apr 282016

At its retreat last summer, the board of the FCA-FAC set out some top-level goals to pursue over the year. These were: 1. Get known as an important and useful federation by media, politicians and the public. 2. Present credible and compelling voices of regional groupings of community and citizen associations through a wide range […]

Feb 122016

The awards committee is seeking nominations for the awards presented annually at the June AGM (mark it on your calendar, June 7th). Up to three awards may be presented: Lifetime Achievement, FCA Contributor, or Builders. You can find a more detailed description of the awards on the awards page under “About Us” on this website […]

Decisions from Executive Meeting of 29 April 2015

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May 182015

Annual General Meeting Panel: The proposed theme is “transportation in transition” and Klaus Beltzer is to introduce John Manconi and David Jeans. It was agreed that $150 be allocated to provide a contribution to charity in lieu of presents to the speakers. It was also agreed that coffee etc. comparable to that provided in past […]