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Feb 122016

The awards committee is seeking nominations for the awards presented annually at the June AGM (mark it on your calendar, June 7th). Up to three awards may be presented: Lifetime Achievement, FCA Contributor, or Builders. You can find a more detailed description of the awards on the awards page under “About Us” on this website […]

Jun 082015

The FCA, in conjunction with many member associations, has written to Mayor Watson and the Ottawa City Councillors requesting that them to get engaged in the process of determining the location of the community mailboxes and ensure they are made aware of any future cost implications to the city.

Mail Boxes

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Mar 202015

The FCA-FAC has asked the Ottawa City Council to become more active in discussions with Canada Post on the location of the proposed community mailboxes. Members are asking the city to join with all other major municipalities across Canada in ensuring that unnecessary costs are not being downloaded onto local taxpayers and that all factors […]