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Aug 292018

Its opponents say that spot zoning should not be permitted. that developers factor it in when negotiating land prices. Others say it allows the city an opportunity to negotiate community benefits — more height for more dollars. How will the new rules and processes in planning and appeals affect the occurrence of Spot Zoning? Can […]

Apr 182016

A weekend workshop at Tom Brown Arena on the morning of Saturday April 23 to bring community representatives together to share thoughts on civic issues and to encourage community  members to participate in future public engagement initiatives with the City. 160423

Motion adopted at the general meeting held March 3, 2016

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Mar 072016

FCA MOTION RE: COACH HO– USES March 3, 2016 Whereas: The FCA requested and hosted a presentation given by Emily Davies, Planner, City of Ottawa, at the February 3 General Meeting held at the Glebe Community Centre. The brief presentation, titled “Coach Houses are Coming to Ottawa”, elicited many questions and aroused significant concern amongst […]

Adaptive uses to make up Ottawa’s community centre shortfall?

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Dec 152015
Adaptive uses to make up Ottawa's community centre shortfall?

Compared to Edmonton, for instance, one of several smaller sized Canadian cities, Ottawa suffers a huge shortfall in community centres for building communities instead of sprawl, reducing loneliness, resulting in a city of strangers.  By taking over official buildings and running them with professional staff directly, Ottawa’s expensive practice cannot afford more. Current policy as […]

Oct 182015

Place Making for downtown communities and local neighbourhoods Ottawa’s squares and plazas and other summer open spaces are useless to pedestrians during snow-months: Confederation Square for instance. Le Breton Flat’s big spaces are sealed off limits for almost half the year as are the NCC parklands along the River. Beyond the Green Belt and in […]

Oct 152015

One of the items which emerged from an earlier survey of community leaders was a need for improved measures to control traffic. The recent adoption of Complete Streets is seen by many as a move in the right direction. Others may disagree for reasons of increased congestion or budget considerations. We would welcome your comments […]