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Information sharing

A primary purpose of the website is to facilitate the sharing of information among our member organizations. One of the ways this can help is if members share their experience, knowledge, expertise or questions with others. Subscribing to our site allows to to submit posts to our Bulletin Board:

  • Posting links to items of interest found elsewhere is one practice we would like to encourage. If you know of an interesting article or a website with material that might be of use or interest, share the link or title here.
  • As well, we know there is a wealth of untapped expertise and experience in the community. If you are prepared to lend a hand or offer advice, you can post the information on our help offered page or send it in and let us post it.
  • If you want to check if a community is is looking for assistance and advice, you will find the listings here.
  • Similarly, if your community is looking for assistance and advice, post it here.
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