FCA-FAC General Meeting Wed. April 19, 2017

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Apr 132017

The next General Meeting of the FCA [Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa] will be held Wednesday April 19 from 7:15pm at 8B Sweetnam Drive, Stittsville. Member organizations are invited to send two delegates to General Meetings. Observers are always welcome.
A draft agenda for the April 19 meeting is available at https://secureservercdn.net/

FCA Member Phil Sweetnam will be hosting a tour of the WM facility at 4pm. Please RSVP with Mr. Sweetnam who will be accepting the first 15 participants to view the plant. Details here: http://fca-fac.ca/wm-tour-details/

Directions to WM facility: http://fca-fac.ca/trans-canada-hwy-kanata-on-k2t-to-2301-carp-rd-carp-on-k0a-1l0-google-maps/

A light dinner will be served following the tour at 117 Covered Bridge.  Directions to dinner here: http://fca-fac.ca/2301-carp-road-carp-on-to-117-covered-bridge-way-carp-on/

Directions to FCA General Meeting can be found here: http://fca-fac.ca/trans-canada-hwy-kanata-on-k2l-to-8b-sweetnam-dr-stittsville-on-k2s-1g2-google-maps/

Pictures of the WM facility:

Gas Extraction Wells at the Landfill site: http://fca-fac.ca/wm-gas-extraction-wells-at-the-landfill-site-7803/

WM Gas extraction wells close up at the landfill site: http://fca-fac.ca/wm-gas-extraction-wells-close-up-at-the-landfill-site-7794/

WM Twenty cylinder Sparking DIESEL GENERATOR:http://fca-fac.ca/wm-twenty-cylinder-sparking-diesel-generator-2403/