From Cumberland to Kinburn, Lowertown to Osgoode — rural, urban and suburban communities new and old, are being shaped and reshaped as the city continues to respond to pressures for development.  In all directions, upwards and outwards, to the east, west and south, older, established communities are attempting to cope with the pressures of change while volunteers in new housing developments face the challenges of forging resident and community groups to help define and give meaning to their new community.

The Federation of Citizen’s Associations of Ottawa – Fédération des associations civiques d’Ottawa (FCA-FAC) is the forum for community associations and similar non-profit volunteer groups in the city. Membership includes associations from the city centre, the inner suburbs, the suburban communities outside the Greenbelt and rural Ottawa. Member associations share information about issues facing their communities and, when appropriate, take joint action.

The modest annual dues of $35 makes membership accessible to all community and residence associations in the city.  While there are established community groups which are not yet members,  the FCA-FAC strives to communicate with, provide resources to and reflect the concerns of all identifiable community groups. It is often asked to represent community interests in various city initiatives and, as an incorporated non-profit corporation under Ontario law, it can appear in its own right before the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal.

While the FCA-FAC seeks to provide a strong voice for community groups, an important part of its role is to assist in developing and sustaining community associations. By providing a forum for sharing experiences and best practices, by providing the opportunities to learn from other organizations in Ottawa and elsewhere,  the FCA-FAC provides support for the city”s most valuable asset, the many volunteers that strive to make our communities better.

The following is an incomplete list of the many groups striving to make Ottawa’s urban, suburban and rural communities the best they can be.

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Other civic associations