Decisions from Executive Meeting of 29 April 2015

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Annual General Meeting Panel: The proposed theme is “transportation in transition” and Klaus Beltzer is to introduce John Manconi and David Jeans.

    It was agreed that $150 be allocated to provide a contribution to charity in lieu of presents to the speakers. It was also agreed that coffee etc. comparable to that provided in past years be arranged


    It was agreed that the City Builder Award for Bill Teron should be presented at the May 14 General Meeting if possible.
    It was agreed that expenditure of $350 be authorized for preparation of the award materials.

An invitation has arrived from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for FCA to nominate a representative to participate in the Planning Act Working Group. The Working Group is to provide advice on issues including: what constitutes a minor variance; regulation standards for notices; and regulation standards for public engagement.

    It was agreed to empower Sheila Perry to identify a candidate and make a nomination on behalf of the FCA.