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Much of the work of the FCA is carried out by committees. Committee members need not be the designated representatives who attend FCA general meetings; many active committee members are dealing with an issue in their own community and wish to share information with their counterparts from other parts of the City.

Planning and Zoning Committee

As Ottawa’s physical structure develops and evolves, communities are faced with challenges. Some are specific to the neighbourhood; while FCA can sometimes provide advice or support, the directly affected community must take the lead. In other cases, there are city-wide issues involved and FCA works to formulate a community viewpoint.

A background paper on planning/zoning issues for the May 12, 2014 FCA general meeting is accessed here.

Current issues include:

  • Site Plan Control By-law revision
  • Conversion of existing residential dwellings
  • Infill by-laws

Mobility in Ottawa and transportation connections beyond Ottawa’s borders are the subject of Transportation Committee discussions. The committee has run workshops and appeared before Council Committees furthering citizens’ issues of transportation.

Membership and External Relations Committee

The Membership and External Relations Committee (MER) will, generally, work to advance membership goals, issues and successes and help attract and link members and partners
and extend and enrich the FCA network.

The structure of Ottawa’s government and how it relates to citizens is the focus of the Governance Committee.