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FCA-FAC: Staying connected

The FCA-FAC is the forum for citizens associations and similar non-profit volunteer groups in Ottawa, Canada. Member associations share information about issues facing their communities and, when appropriate, take joint action. The FCA encourages discussion of civic affairs. It does not endorse parties or candidates seeking office. The FCA is an incorporated non-profit corporation under Ontario law and, as such, can appear in its own right before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal [LPAT].

The FCA membership includes associations from the city center, the inner suburbs, the suburban communities outside the Greenbelt and rural Ottawa. The membership of the FCA is not comprehensive — there are established community groups which are not yet members of the FCA. Nevertheless the FCA strives to communicate with all identifiable community groups.

FCA has a Board responsible for day-to-day operations and holds general meetings about once a month and an Annual General Meeting. Each member association is invited to send two delegates to each general meeting. During the pandemic, meetings have been held by video conference. In normal times, meetings are held in varied locations across the city, affording opportunities for members to be aware of local issues in the diverse communities of Ottawa. Non-member associations and groups are invited to attend these meetings in an observer capacity.

FCA is a member of FUN – the Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods of Ontario and, when appropriate, joins with like organizations under the FUN banner in dialogue with the Ontario government.

Should you wish to become more informed about the structure of the FCA, check out our by-laws.