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The FCA has awards to recognize contributions of individuals and/or groups in four categories, Lifetime Achievement, Contribution to the FCA, Builders and Excellence in Media.  When warranted, these are typically presented at the Annual General Meeting held in June of every year. Nominations for the 2020 awards must be submitted by September 15th at 4:00 PM.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: outstanding voluntary contribution to improving the quality of life of the fellow citizens, not only at the neighbourhood and/or Ward level but may be at the city and/or provincial/national level. They have been an inspiration to others, steadfastly engaging others to participate in civic life. Their Association is/has been a member. Duration and scope of commitment, as well as their impact, distinguishes one nominee over another. Previous year nominations are considered.

FCA AWARD: outstanding voluntary contribution to the mission/activities of the FCA. Their Association is a member current Duration and scope of commitment, as well as their impact distinguishes one nominee over another. May be an individual or a member association. Previous year nominations are considered.
CITY BUILDERS AWARD: outstanding contribution to improving the quality of life of the city’s citizens and/or advancing the aims of the Federation. Duration, scope of commitment, involvement with affected neighborhood as well as demonstrated impact distinguishes one nominee over another. May be an individual, group or organization. Previous year nominations are considered.

EXCELLENCE IN MEDIA AWARD: for in-depth reporting on municipal/neighbourhood issues. The Award consists of a citation on our website, and presentation of a monetary prize donated to a local charity of the winner’s choice. To be eligible for the Award, a nominee must have produced a publication in a media form in the current or previous year that: • Covered a municipal issue(s) related to such matters as built heritage, economic development, environment, neighbourhood/community services, planning, protective services, rural affairs or transportation focused on greater Ottawa or on wards thereof. • References the viewpoints of local citizens or spokespersons. • References practices in other Canadian municipalities, or • References North American research

TOP COUNCILLOR’S NEWSLETTERS (new 2020) A subscriber weekly, biweekly or monthly Ottawa Councillor newsletters or blog would be review on content and presentation. One issue in the last calendar year would be judged on  • Coverage of their ward related and city-related issues  • Coverage of the community associations and  • Coverages of local businesses • Coverage of the FCA Where there is a tie, ease of subscription (cancellation) and feedback as well as presentation could be used to make a selection.  Numbers of subscribers could be taken into consideration  (Seven councilors have e-bulletins/newsletters.  Nine have websites that appear on the city site

Nominations for the award will include a copy of the published article. Nominations must be received by May 22 2024 at 4:00 PM.

Send to: nominations@fca-fac.ca  

Our first FCA award was given in 2012 to Elspeth Menendez as part of our commemoration of FCA’s 25th anniversary. The award was titled “Outstanding Community Service”. Elspeth, who now lives in Perth, was one of the presidents of the organization back in the 1970’s prior to it going dormant for 7 years before being reconstituted in 1986/7. The following year we instituted three awards to be presented at our AGM every year going forward: Life Time Achievement; FCA Award; and Community Builder Award.

2024 Winners

  • FCA Lifetime Achievement – Alex Cullen
  • City Builder Award – Carolyne Mackenzie and Laura Urrechaga
  • FCA Award –  Robert Brinker
  • Special Recognition Award: to outgoing Board member Mihailo Mihailovic

2023 Winners

  • Excellence in Community Media Award – Joanne Chianello
  • FCA Lifetime Achievement – Roland Dorsay

2022 Winners 

  • City Builder Award – Toon Dreessen
  • Excellence in Community Media Award – David Allston
  • FCA Achievement Award – Centretown Citizens Association Anti-Racism Group (Brenda Knight)

2021 Winners

• Lifetime Achievement: John Curry for his contribution as local historian in Stittsville & community;
• City Builder Award: Judith Maxwell for her contribution through Synapcity in building community
engagement in civic affairs;
• Media Award: IMAGE for writers Hilary Duff and Martha Milne for their articles on community
responses to the COVID-19 pandemic;
• FCA Achievement Award: Lorne Cutler for his long service as FCA Treasurer;
• Special Recognition Award: to outgoing Board member Bob Brocklebank for 17 years of service on
the FCA Board, including as President 2003-2006;
• Certificate of Recognition: to outgoing Board member Miranda Gray for service on the FCA Board.

2020 Winners 

Lifetime Achievement: Erwin Dressen for his work with Greenspace Alliance

FCA Service: Maria Luisa Marti for her years of work supporting FCA operations

Agnes Warda for development of Ward council and FCA outreach within the ward

Sheila Perry FCA Lifetime Achievement Award for her service to the FCA.

FCA Long Service Awards: (board members serving at least 5 years who are not returning who have not received other recognition)

Don Stewart and Kul Kapoor

Thank-you for your service (for board members not returning who served < 5 years)

Travis Croken

2019 Winners

Community Builder: Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability [ CAFES]

Life-time Achievement: Robert Brocklebank

FCA Award: Jay Baltz

Local Print Media:   Richard Webb of the Glebe Report

Local Digital Media: John Curry, producer Richmond the Movie

Certificate of Recognition:  David Jeanes

2018 Winners

Lifetime Achievement: Phil Sweetnam

FCA Builder:  Graeme Roderick

Community Builder: SJAM Multiuse Winter Trails and Ski Heritage East

Local Media Excellence Award: presented to Ed Kucerak of the Ottawa South Community Association Review [OSCAR] for an article on the public consultation on Brewer Park\’s renewal.

2017  Winners
Life Time Achievement: Archie Campbell
FCA Builder: Judy Forest
Community Builder: Ian Johns

2016 Winners
Life Time Achievement: Liz Bernstein
FCA Builder: Heather Pearl
Community Builder: Don Schultz

2015 Winners
Lifetime Achievement – Linda Hoad
FCA Builder – Gary Sealey
Community Builder – Diane Holmes

2014 Winners
Lifetime Achievement – Amy Kempster
FCA Builder – Faith Blacquiere
Community Builder – Bill Teron

2013 Winners
Lifetime Achievement – Cam Robertson
FCA Builder – Robert Brocklebank
Community Builder – CCOC for the Beaverbrook Barracks Project