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FCA Members are community or citizens groups in the city of Ottawa who support the mandate of FCA.  

Memberships are available throughout the year though each one concludes on December 31 of that year.  

As an FCA Member, you can participate in our Workshops for free, you will receive our newsletter and you are welcome and encouraged to participate in our General Meetings each month.  At those meetings Members are informed about the work of the FCA Board, Committees and Working Groups.  There are opportunities to share local issues, seek insights from other Members and participate in discussions pertaining to FCA efforts.  Each month we welcome one Member organization to make a short presentation.  We also invite speakers on a host of topics to come and present at those meetings.  

Each Member organization is entitled to one vote at our General and Annual Meetings.  

If you have any questions please contact us.

If you would like to join the FCA please complete the form electronically.  If your organization is not a community association or group you may be contacted to discuss what the mandate of your organzation is to ensure it is congruent with FCA’s before your application is accepted.  Occasionally, Board approval is required.  

The Membership fee for 2024 is $40.  It can be paid by e-transfer or cheque.  Invoices and receipts are available upon request.

2024 Membership Form