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FCA President Gary Sealey and I along with other members of the executive have been looking at other large urban centres to see what the counterparts to the FCA-FAC do and how they do it. I tended to look at the Calgary example, Federation of Calgary Communities, while President Sealey is drawn to the Edmonton example, the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.
It is difficult to compare either of these organizations to ours. They both have staff and budgets that seem light-years away from our situation. More important than the support they receive is the support their community association members receive, both moral and financial, in the two cities.
I encourage our members and other who might be interested to go and check out the websites and facebook pages of these organizations.
Nonetheless, while the circumstances may be different, many of the problems that these communities face are very similar to ours.
I commend to you this posting on the EFCL blog on the trials and tribulations of community associations, Edmonton style. EFCL blog
John Chenier