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The work of the FCA-FAC is conducted in several different venues.
The most common place where decisions are made are the nine monthly meetings from September to May and the annual general meeting in June where all member organizations are encouraged to discuss the issues and, subsequently vote on motions that provide directions to the FCA Executive.

The Board, which meets monthly, establishes the agenda for the general meetings, sets priorities for the organization and executes the decisions made by the members.

Much of the work of the FCA is done by the various ad hoc and standing committees established to work on specific topics. Our most active committee was the Planning and Zone Committee and the Transportation Committee.

Because the member associations making up the FCA come from across the city, they sometimes differ in their concerns and points of view. The FCA serves as a forum where these differences can be aired and explored to encourage understanding, if not agreement.

Whenever the FCA members are able to adopt positions which reflect a consensus or strong majority view, the positions adopted provide the basis for FCA submissions to City Council,  other levels of government or other organizations.  Individual associations are free to issue public statements and you are encouraged to visit their sites to understand their positions – see our links page.