Resources for Community Associations

The FCA continues to assemble information designed to enhance community association effectiveness. This page is a guide to various documents generated by the Committee. You may also access these documents using the Categories filter in the left sidebar.
In addition to these documents, many of the ongoing posts from committees may provide useful information for community and citizen groups.
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And the city strategic plan

Recent Documents on an important emerging issue added to the Library: Coach Houses:

Principles and Discussion Paper

Primary Legacy Documents

Starting a Community Association
Finding and booking space for meetings

Organizing all candidates meetings

Community Safety
presentation by Ottawa Police (March 21, 2018)
presentation by Crime Prevention Ottawa (March 21, 2018)


A Code of Conduct for Board Members/Directors

Working with the City

Register to receive information from and about the City

Download your Community Development Toolkit here

The Planning Primer Program:

General introduction to the Planning Primer Program
Primer 1 – course notes
Primer 1 – course slides
Primer 2 – course notes
Primer 2 – Part 1
Primer 2 – part 2
Primer elective course on Ontario Municipal Board
Primer elective course on Understanding Residential Intensification and Infill
Primer elective course on Secondary Planning Processes

The Committee welcomes feedback from Ottawa associations. Let us know what you find useful or what you need. Send your requests or comments to