Safety / Emergency Preparedness

Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

The Emergency and Protective Service department has started the developed of a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. This new piece of planning is required under the Province’s Safer Ontario Act, 2018.

The Community Safety and Well-Being Plan is a community plan specific to each community in Ontario. It will speak to the unique challenges and risks to our city.

Lisa Petch, Program Manager, Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, presented to the FCA in February 2020. Presentation:

This presenation outlines how the city will be developing the plan in consultation with residents and organizations in the city. The consultation activities and plan are explained on the project website page :

The City of Ottawa Office of Emergency Management (OEM) ensures the safety of all residents and visitors by:
* planning, preventing and preparing prior to an emergency
* responding and ensuring the continuation of essential services during an emergency
* activating the Emergency Operations Centre Control Group (a multi-departmental Steering Committee) when needed and
* helping the city recover after an event.

Their webpage is:

You should check out their video on what should be in a home emergency preparedness kit. You may also wish to review the business preparedness information if your community association runs a building or programs.

Ottawa Public Health

The department has too many programs to list here. Check out their website. They are very willing to send material or presentors to events when staff are available.

Their webpage is :